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Today’s design trends often refer to the bathroom as “the new den”  indicating that increasingly more of us invest a considerable amount of both time and money into these rooms.
There is a wide variety of products available to magnificently outfit your bathroom from floor to ceiling, beginning at the floor and wall tiles, mirrors doubling as televisions, vanities and faucets, soaker tubs, Jacuzzis with chromatherapy, showers with multiple state of the art massaging showerheads and mood setting lighting.
With a market driven by the ever demanding consumer, manufacturers have met and exceeded our every whim, anticipating new ways to bring luxury to the previously overlooked and even shunned bathroom.
However with choice comes the danger of becoming overwhelmed and creating a space that is non functional and brings stress instead of peace. There is also the concern of ensuring proper installation to ensure the longevity and proper function of all the products you’ve chosen. These challenges however can be resolved by working with experts in the field.

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The restaurants located in ancient baths are the new fashion in London

Regardless of the answer, the popularity of the concept soon became apparent: the chain already has successful franchises throughout Asia.

However, London has given a new twist to the business.

They are not themed restaurants are restaurants in old baths

One of the most anticipated inaugurations of London in 2013 was the Story, the new restaurant Tom Sellers, who opened the first week of April.

The generous and creative offer Story includes a menu in 10 days that includes dishes like roasted onion, apple, gin and thyme; crab with smoked leek, canola, wild pear and parsley; bread lamb with sheep’s milk yogurt and wild garlic, and beef cheek with cauliflower and black yeast beer.

During his career, Sellers, 26, has worked in restaurants French Laundry and Per Se in the United States (restaurants Thomas Keller awarded Michelin stars) and spent a season in which for some is the best restaurant in the world: the Noma, in Copenhagen. The new draft Sellers not only draws attention to the culinary pedigree of the chef, but because his new restaurant is located in an old section of bathrooms.

Sellers is not the only one who has chosen a strange location.Story The story follows the footsteps of another recent opening of The Attendant, an underground cafe in London occupies an old Victorian bath that was built around the 1890s.

Unlike Story, The Attendant retained many of its features restored at the time.

“We keep everything, even the original teak door of the office, which became our little kitchen (…) On the wall is still a hand dryer of the 1950s The floors, walls and urinals made by Doulton & Paisley in 1890 at its factory in Lambeth on the banks of the river Thames, everything is original, “says Attendant owner, Peter Tomlinson.

When adding two panels of wood, each urinal was transformed into a cubicle to sit.

With regard to Tomlinson, “is no different to an espresso bar or restaurant in the middle of a department store which has no natural light.”

They can rest assured the site disinfected and thoroughly cleaned.

Recently sold at auction a third public restroom London; This has permission to transform it into a restaurant with a rooftop terrace.Bathrooms Walham Green in Fulham will be demolished and rebuilt, which will leave few traces of his old life.

They are not alone in London

London is not the only place where you are using the bathrooms to put trendy restaurants.

On the east coast of England, the Toulouse restaurant in Westcliff-on-Sea is located in former public baths with ocean views.

In the western countryside, the Sea Mills Bristol Community Initiative built a cafeteria run by the community in a bathhouse out of use.

Even the players are participating in the action. The exestrella Rangers Jorg Albertz, is supporting a project in which it plans to build a restaurant that was the site of a bathhouse in Glasgow.

restaurant software are not the only use that can be given to a remodeled bathrooms. In fact, remodeling bathrooms out of use started with the bars.

In East London, in the trendy Shoreditch, the Public Life nightclub was located in an old bathroom until it closed early last year. The Cellar Door in the center of London is a popular cabaret lounge and underground. The Ginglik, in west London, was built inside a bathroom that was originally created for the 1908 Olympics.

The business behind the business

So what’s behind the boom in bathrooms converted into restaurants? The price is an essential factor.

Many public restrooms were out of service or deteriorated and were forgotten. With the high cost of property and the limited availability of spaces, public toilets outside use have become a top-level root well.

Peter Frankum, director of urban design for the house Savills property development, regeneration seen in the perfect solution.

“Local authorities have been trying to cope with the demands of budget reduction and regeneration of urban areas,” says Frankum.”The reuse and transform buildings that require much maintenance and are poorly utilized to fulfill more profitable and beneficial functions is a way to reduce costs and improve local areas”.

Frankum also notes that changes in local regulations have facilitated the implementation of urban regeneration in the old public spaces.

That’s good news for young restaurateurs as Tom Sellers and for diners who are not affected by their visits to restaurants have a little history.

Modern bathrooms small: photos decorating ideas

modern bathrooms small: photos decorating ideas

The small bathrooms are often a challenge when decorating. Space for all toilets, towels and storage is needed, but to find it you have to sharpen your wits. We propose a collection of photos of small bathrooms modern by Photo Booth Product Activation where you can find several decorating ideas

Modern bathrooms and simple . That is usually the maximum time to decorate these special spaces. Generally you have to opt for a shower or bath and an average use of space under the sink to place a bathroom cabinet to store all you need for hygiene. You have to pull mirrors, which will also help to give a wider look, combine colors well and correctly choose the decorative elements and lighting for our bath does not seem so small

We present a series of images of bathrooms modern small to shrug cuerto ideas for decorating your bathroom with the best possible taste

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Protective packaging for bathrooms and kitchens

Product details Protective packaging for bathrooms and kitchens

Brafim philosophy is to design and manufacture packaging for each type of logistics.

Today we have a qualified commercial department, an expert department Technical Office ถุงซิปล็อค equipped with the latest tools on the market, laboratory Drop Test capable of performing crash tests that help us calculate thicknesses and materials fully optimizing protections determining packaging product fragility.

In an effort of continuous improvement, our technical department investigates new packaging materials and systems that make us innovative with difference in our sector.

The aim of Brafim is to reduce logistics costs incidents and ensuring maximum protection with minimum volume.

Does taking a sitz bath can help you lose weight?

The sitz bath which we discussed here refers to a tub that will allow you to reduce and eliminate body fat and also helps natural healing.

It is not possible to achieve these results with a common bathroom that you can do or accomplish in your home.But will have to do it in a specialized tub, a Jacuzzi or whirlpool.

If you have any of these two elements, you can use it anytime, even at night, when you return from a hectic workday. In addition to burn fat thanks to this tub, you can also receive this bath as an essential and natural healing.


Enter and exit safely SEAT

Getting in and out of a bath seat carefully is the best option. Remember that losing weight is a task to be performed in this tub. The importance of this bath is relaxing, because due to this is that you can burn fat.

Note that go directly to bathe after eating can generate indigestion, so we recommend that you rest for at least thirty minutes before starting with the bath seat.


The sitz bath not only serves to eliminate cellulite and lose weight quickly and easily, but there is also a half bath seat, in which half of the body is submerged underwater.

Even many celebrities use this bath seat daily. The sitz bath also serves to release cellulite and swollen legs that hold water. Losing weight and weight loss is the ultimate goal and the sitz bath will achieve the desired short time. With only sit in the tub you can burn stored fat. In addition to all these benefits, the sitz bath also achieve your bones are healthy and you can also remove excess fat from your body. You can make the most of this sitting sitz bath every day at least one hour.


While most people know the sitz bath in which the entire body is placed in the bath, in this whirlpool it is necessary to place only half of the body on the device.

In this way, you can bathe your whole body putting underwater to receive the proper amount of water on parts in which more fluid retention has. Cellulite does just this by water retention. Find out how right here sitz bath works.

The hot sitz bath temperature should be set at a temperature of 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which is usually a little warmer than the temperature gradually used to bathe. Remember that the temperature must be raised by each. Some people use a lower temperature than other bathing with very hot water.

Well, not reach the point of getting dizzy but note that must bathe with water so hot it will be even hotter than the inside of your own body.

on the other hand, note that the water temperature can fall while taking the bath so you will need to add more hot water so that the temperature does not falter.

Remember that it is also very important to maintain a constant heat water temperature. The hot water will allow you to get more and better results in a quick and simple way.

The amount of water that will have to be put into the stomach. No need to put a cap to the neck. Remember to be hot but not so that water does not become heavy for your body. If you also stays in there for over half anhour and the water is very hot, it can cause you health problems.

There is an excellent time to take a sitz bath. It will always be at night, when you are relaxed. Actually that depends on each person. What is certain and not dependent on the person is the amount of time that must be submerged, which will not be less than twenty minutes. If the body is hot and sweat appears know that your work will be done. It

is important to note hydration when taking sitz baths, as moisture and heat will cause remove sweat and therefore, mineral salts her body. Staying hydrated by drinking water is essential. Take it while you are doing this bath.

Try to keep the top of your body away from freezing. As will not be submerged, it will be very easy to enter a state of cold. Therefore, we recommend that, in addition to having a glass of water, also has a towel with which to dry steam. Thanks to hot water, the bathroom environment will feel warmer.


The sitz bath is very good for the health of the body. While sitting right there, you can also inhale the steam that will let you feel much better if cold or flu is found. In addition, it will also be very good to open the pores and remove all impurities from the skin.

The sitz bath will allow you to detoxify and eliminate all toxins from your body. Perspire while taking sitz bath will eliminate all fats and toxins your body is keeping. Drainage of excess water retained will also be possible thanks to this bath seat.

This system will also help activate the metabolism generating a flow of blood. This activates blood circulation generate your skin look shiny and renewed and also allow fats are eliminated, like toxins and excess weight. If you want to add an underwater massage of the legs you can also achieve excellent results.

The sitz bath will allow also relieve tension and relax your body and repairs. The relaxation effect can be greater if you also listen to the music you like. Relieving stress is bothering will be much easier with the sitz bath.

Thanks to this sitz bath can improve basal body temperature. So, then your body will feel much better.


Here we will give some tips to improve sitz bath. First we recommend adding flavor to your sitz bath incorporating a water essence. Aromatic vels are also an excellent choice to calm the atmosphere. Finally, music can also help you feel relaxed.

Within the sitz bath can put your muscles moving exercising so that your body is exercised. For example, a specific massage can be performed, stretching into the sitz bath and also weight – bearing exercise in the water.

We also recommend that you read a book, at least some chapters, or can sing the verses of your favorite song.You can also use your phone or tablet to play while taking bath. Be very careful not to come into contact with water.

The movement within the sitz bath generate your metabolism is activated more easily and therefore can burn more fat amount. Muscle training will also help tone up your body even more. Massages are also very good to help burn fat then with the help of phen375 France and lose weight much faster.

Benefits Of A Shower Of Cold Or Hot Water After Training

If you are a reader of training I’m sure you already know or are learning to train with a high percentage of effectiveness, also know or are learning to eat a diet that fits your goals. These are very important aspects when exercising whatever your specialty. But there are other factors that we overlook and also influence more or less in our body. The shower post training has more benefits than we usually do not fall, no doubt toilet is essential and I am sure no one after training poses no shower. So I will refer to other guidelines and benefits that we do not often consider.

During training our body temperature and blood increases, this causes the nearby blood vessels to dilate the skin and sweat glands are activated. When we finished our training we continue sweating, Dr. Gabe Mirkin from Personal trainer DC explains that this is because our heart starts slowing down causing heat to build up in your muscles instead of sending it to the skin for that reason the internal temperature increases even more .

And here we draw our first conclusion, it is advisable to start our shower when we finish transpire , this can last about half an hour. If we do not respect this time is likely to continue sweating even after finishing our shower. During this span of time in which our body stops perspiring it is good to use it to perform gentle stretching, because as we mentioned in various article . Should not do intense stretching after a hard activity.

Now we know what is the optimum time to shower but how should our shower to be as efficient as possible? I think about this question all have received many tips. First we will discuss the benefits offered by the different water temperatures.

Benefits of cold shower

  • They help us to recover quickly and that stabilize the heart rhythm.
  • It helps shrink blood vessels and thus reduces inflammation.
  • It has tonic effect.
  • Leave a softer skin.

Benefits of hot shower

  • It increases blood flow.
  • Accelerates drain cleaning and skin.
  • Localized promotes recovery.

We already have some of the benefits offered by each type of shower. Now let ‘s see how to use them to make our second conclusion. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, our purpose is to obtain the maximum physical benefit to our post-workout shower. The most effective way to achieve this purpose will start our shower with hot water that reaches the limit that can tolerate (over 40) for 2 to 4 minutes and then switch to cold water for 1 or 2 minutes. This process will repeat 3 to 5 times considering that we end up with cold water.

A bathroom for dogs at the airport

There are many details that can influence the comfort of traveling with our pets; sometimes so trivial that surprises us that has not been thought of before in solving them . For example, as this curious “bathroom” of a Detroit airport of which I speak today.

On trips by bus or car, we know we have to make stops rigor so that our pets do their business . But things change if we are in a train station … and more if we travel by plane and have to wait several hours before boarding or bill the carrier of our dog. Especially if that second moment arrives, we will want to ensure calm and relaxed traveling and pain relief for dogs.

The idea that launched the Detroit airport is very simple. It has closed a small area with grass for dogs to relieve themselves in it. Two sprinklers are responsible for maintaining the sanitized area, and of course to avoid odors that could expand and disturbing. It is, one might say, the first “bathroom for pets ” found in an airport. And it seems to us an excellent idea, as we said at the beginning, is something very simple that can solve many problems and alleviate concerns to the masters.

Precautions before travel

It never hurts to recall the various precautions that we have before departure. Apart from the most basic, we have discussed, we also provide, if we go by car or bus, our dogs can get dizzy and vomiting. We always carry hand everything needed to clean up the mess. Moreover, if you travel by train or bus, we can not forget the possibility that get nervous with so many people around and give them for barking. In these cases, if the muzzle does not help us, we should consult with a veterinarian the possibility of giving a mild sedative, always under your prescription.

Wonderful luxury villas design – Mauritius

This is the perfect setting for a new art of living on the island. An exclusive residential complex of only four private luxury villas. A modern and bold style with very clear lines. The private garden is fully landscaped and equipped with an integrated system of large private pool. A Plan Real Estate (RES) is an open residential investment in the international market program.

Provides an opportunity for foreigners to own property or to invest profitably in a villa on the island of mauritius luxury villas buyers. Proposing a new concept of architecture for a new concept of life on the island, the interior design is ingenious furniture and finishing they are up to the latest international trends. ** private Coexistence open inside open outward, however, each villa also protects your privacy.

Interior design ingeniously plays with volumes in a freely plan, optimizing space, structuring areas and improving the living space. The whole house is filled with light and airy. Exudes comfort and offers enough for family life and social meeting space. ** Contemporary elegance outside and inside, the complex has a distinctive character. Conciliate aesthetic and functionality to create a world of contemporary elegance. When night comes, accent lighting emphasizes the sophisticated atmosphere of the house. Day or night, it has everything you need for a dream house where enjoy the luxury of a new life. A luxury villa in La Palmeraie Luxury inspires joy of living. ** Harmoniously intimate interior design of private areas upstairs harmoniously and exquisitely complements the contemporary theme of the ground floor.

Also in this creative space enhanced the perfect place to replenish oneself in all intimacy scenario. Maximum refinement is in the apparent minimalism of the two bedrooms and bathroom, while are fully equipped with all the quality amenities for complete relaxation and ultimate pleasure. ** There ‘s nothing missing Each villa is proposed to a wholly owned sales and a base of turnkey.

The acquisition gives the owner a permanent residence permit in Mauritius, provided the statutory terms are met. The interior can be customized.

Movies that every designer should see

There are various professions whose field of work requires the absorption of artistic and technical knowledge. The design focuses on achieving precisely create something useful creative, bold and unique way. It’s no surprise that there are many films that make the design an important part of the plot, or even documentaries focused entirely on the sample of what really is the design.

Fashion, graphic, industry; the designer can move between branches or focus on only one. Today, with specialized schools in each of the branches of design purist many people it becomes something and excludes those who are interested. But, like art, design is mutable and only need to create an exceptional discipline; although knowledge is never enough so here are a list of movies and documentaries that every designer should see, these films are always available on xmovies8


Art & Copy – Doug Pray (2009)
 art designer and copy movies

Believe that creativity can solve anything is a strong statement, but in this documentary the idea of how advertising is more than a machine bombing explained. While some belittle this profession, others put on a pedestal because of the strong impact it can have on society. This film is proof of what can be accomplished when good people really dedicated to this medium.

A scanner Darkly – Richard Linklater (2006)

Movies designer Scanner Darkly
The film director Boyhood portrays a society in which 20% of people are addicted to a new drug, test it only makes you hallucinate and you get addicted. Before this an undercover agent will have to infiltrate a group of traffickers and addicts. The film uses the technique of rotoscoping in which you draw on real images and digitized.This had already been used by Linklater in his philosophical tape Waking Life .

Design and Thinking – Mu – Ming Tsai (2012)
 Movies designer design and thinking

The twenty-first century can not stay with the ideas of the past to create. This documentary deals with a new method of creation. Empathy, defined, idea, prototype and test are the keywords. Creative genius is not born of romanticism, the creative is working hard and seeking solutions based on experience.

Spirited Away – Hayao Miyazaki (2001)


This film is the Oscar winner for best animated film and is considered the masterpiece of its director. Work scenarios and characterization of each character will make anyone fall in love with this endearing story. More than this tape, all of Miyazaki films deserve to be in this position because of its high and deep design. You can also watch here couch tuner.

Why Man Creates – Saul Bass (1968)

Movies designer Why Man Creates 

This Oscar-winning short was created in the turbulent and revolutionary era of the sixties. It is the legacy of half century in which creative ideas began to extend its influence over traditional jobs. The time when the industrial design, advertising and transformed the art.

Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson (2012)

Movies designer moonrise 

As with Miyazaki, all tapes of this director can be displayed here. From the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox, due to their excellent work in Stop Motion or his latest blockbuster The Grand Budapest Hotel,  where the color palette is more exaggerated than ever. Wes Anderson tapes are a visual delight that will make everything set designer, art director, animator, filmmaker, designer and fall in love with the technical and creative work of these tapes.

The trilogy of design – Gary Hustwit (2007- 2011)
 Movies designer objectified

These tapes are great theoretical and creative works of independent court showing the importance of three issues concerning the design. The first tape Helvetica takes the most famous fountain in the world to enter the graphic design, Objectified talks about industrial design and Urbanized focuses on urban design, in megacities and more.

Waltz with Bashir – Ari Folman (2008)

Movies designer waltz bashir 

Unlike A Scanner Darkly, this film does not use rotoscoping but the film works by mixing it with adobe Flash animation and traditional animation. It is not only a majestic visual representation that will inspire artists to create works how are you, but also open your eyes to the horrors of war.

PressPausePlay – David Dworsky / Victor Köhler

Movies designer PressPausePlay 

As we move more and more to a digital world, artistic creation is changing. Now anyone can access a camera and become a photographer, write and blog and be a writer, access an application and become a musician. It is not a statement attacking these people; Postmodernism has broken major stories and the truth is no longer unique, aesthetic and artistic value no longer depend on the critic of the most important magazine, if so many paradigms are allowed as stated this documentary, this is the best time in the to design and create history.

Vincent – Tim Burton (1982)


The early career of Burton show his genius beginning to germinate, this film not only closes the list also opens the career of the most eccentric Hollywood Director. Vincent His work shows the artist’s fascination with German expressionism. The shadows, the scenery which refers to Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and more are just one of the things that can be seen in the cut of a director who looks after both the design of its scenery as your script.


Swimming makes you lose weight Swimming makes you lose weight

To lose weight is known, must monitor their diet and practice of physical activity. When we are on holiday at the sea or a lake so it will be easy to play sports by going swimming. Bathe it makes you lose weight?

Swim to lose his excess weight

Swimming is the best way to burn calories and earnings on the body is all the greater that it also allows you to relax completely and release all tensions together with your Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido. Whether one decides to swim or just wade in the water, the body muscles are solicited and energy expenditure is obvious. If we swim for example at a leisurely pace, we spend about 400 calories for an hour of exercise. The benefit will be even greater if we practice regularly this activity. But it is not necessarily required to swim to burn calories because water has a natural pressure on the body and the simple act of moving in water leads to an energy expenditure. While this may seem hard to believe bathing in salt water makes you lose weight. Indeed, the body will deflate losing its water, because it always goes to the item that contains more salt. Moreover, bathe in cold water also helps to lose weight because the reaction of the cold forces the body to burn calories to regulate its temperature. It is estimated that you can lose 100 calories simply by the process of going back into the water.

What exercises to practice in the water?

Swimming is the best way to spend a significant number of calories, thanks to Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido and different exercises that will request all the body muscles. Breaststroke or crawl then act on the upper body by working the arms and musclant back and if we really want to spend a maximum of calories, it’s the backstroke will be most effective. Swimming with flippers leg muscles we do more work and calorie expenditure will be higher due to the resistance of the fins in the water. No swimming, can also exercise in the water practicing such a jog to work the leg muscles. Playing in water is also a simple and easy way to spend without realizing it. After the holidays, it will be also time to sign up for a water aerobics .

With all the activities performed in the water, the loss of calories will be real and the body is refined through fat loss and increased muscle mass. Furthermore, bathing allows you to relax and eliminate stress which also contributes to weight gain.

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