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Today’s design trends often refer to the bathroom as “the new den”  indicating that increasingly more of us invest a considerable amount of both time and money into these rooms.
There is a wide variety of products available to magnificently outfit your bathroom from floor to ceiling, beginning at the floor and wall tiles, mirrors doubling as televisions, vanities and faucets, soaker tubs, Jacuzzis with chromatherapy, showers with multiple state of the art massaging showerheads and mood setting lighting.
With a market driven by the ever demanding consumer, manufacturers have met and exceeded our every whim, anticipating new ways to bring luxury to the previously overlooked and even shunned bathroom.
However with choice comes the danger of becoming overwhelmed and creating a space that is non functional and brings stress instead of peace. There is also the concern of ensuring proper installation to ensure the longevity and proper function of all the products you’ve chosen. These challenges however can be resolved by working with experts in the field.

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Movies that every designer should see

There are various professions whose field of work requires the absorption of artistic and technical knowledge. The design focuses on achieving precisely create something useful creative, bold and unique way. It’s no surprise that there are many films that make the design an important part of the plot, or even documentaries focused entirely on the sample of what really is the design.

Fashion, graphic, industry; the designer can move between branches or focus on only one. Today, with specialized schools in each of the branches of design purist many people it becomes something and excludes those who are interested. But, like art, design is mutable and only need to create an exceptional discipline; although knowledge is never enough so here are a list of movies and documentaries that every designer should see, these films are always available on xmovies8


Art & Copy – Doug Pray (2009)
 art designer and copy movies

Believe that creativity can solve anything is a strong statement, but in this documentary the idea of how advertising is more than a machine bombing explained. While some belittle this profession, others put on a pedestal because of the strong impact it can have on society. This film is proof of what can be accomplished when good people really dedicated to this medium.


A scanner Darkly – Richard Linklater (2006)

Movies designer Scanner Darkly
The film director Boyhood portrays a society in which 20% of people are addicted to a new drug, test it only makes you hallucinate and you get addicted. Before this an undercover agent will have to infiltrate a group of traffickers and addicts. The film uses the technique of rotoscoping in which you draw on real images and digitized.This had already been used by Linklater in his philosophical tape Waking Life .


Design and Thinking – Mu – Ming Tsai (2012)
 Movies designer design and thinking

The twenty-first century can not stay with the ideas of the past to create. This documentary deals with a new method of creation. Empathy, defined, idea, prototype and test are the keywords. Creative genius is not born of romanticism, the creative is working hard and seeking solutions based on experience.


Spirited Away – Hayao Miyazaki (2001)


This film is the Oscar winner for best animated film and is considered the masterpiece of its director. Work scenarios and characterization of each character will make anyone fall in love with this endearing story. More than this tape, all of Miyazaki films deserve to be in this position because of its high and deep design.


Why Man Creates – Saul Bass (1968)

Movies designer Why Man Creates 

This Oscar-winning short was created in the turbulent and revolutionary era of the sixties. It is the legacy of half century in which creative ideas began to extend its influence over traditional jobs. The time when the industrial design, advertising and transformed the art.


Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson (2012)

Movies designer moonrise 

As with Miyazaki, all tapes of this director can be displayed here. From the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox, due to their excellent work in Stop Motion or his latest blockbuster The Grand Budapest Hotel,  where the color palette is more exaggerated than ever. Wes Anderson tapes are a visual delight that will make everything set designer, art director, animator, filmmaker, designer and fall in love with the technical and creative work of these tapes.


The trilogy of design – Gary Hustwit (2007- 2011)
 Movies designer objectified

These tapes are great theoretical and creative works of independent court showing the importance of three issues concerning the design. The first tape Helvetica takes the most famous fountain in the world to enter the graphic design, Objectified talks about industrial design and Urbanized focuses on urban design, in megacities and more.


Waltz with Bashir – Ari Folman (2008)

Movies designer waltz bashir 

Unlike A Scanner Darkly, this film does not use rotoscoping but the film works by mixing it with adobe Flash animation and traditional animation. It is not only a majestic visual representation that will inspire artists to create works how are you, but also open your eyes to the horrors of war.


PressPausePlay – David Dworsky / Victor Köhler

Movies designer PressPausePlay 

As we move more and more to a digital world, artistic creation is changing. Now anyone can access a camera and become a photographer, write and blog and be a writer, access an application and become a musician. It is not a statement attacking these people; Postmodernism has broken major stories and the truth is no longer unique, aesthetic and artistic value no longer depend on the critic of the most important magazine, if so many paradigms are allowed as stated this documentary, this is the best time in the to design and create history.


Vincent – Tim Burton (1982)


The early career of Burton show his genius beginning to germinate, this film not only closes the list also opens the career of the most eccentric Hollywood Director. Vincent His work shows the artist’s fascination with German expressionism. The shadows, the scenery which refers to Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and more are just one of the things that can be seen in the cut of a director who looks after both the design of its scenery as your script.

Swimming makes you lose weight Swimming makes you lose weight

To lose weight is known, must monitor their diet and practice of physical activity. When we are on holiday at the sea or a lake so it will be easy to play sports by going swimming. Bathe it makes you lose weight?

Swim to lose his excess weight

Swimming is the best way to burn calories and earnings on the body is all the greater that it also allows you to relax completely and release all tensions together with your Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido. Whether one decides to swim or just wade in the water, the body muscles are solicited and energy expenditure is obvious. If we swim for example at a leisurely pace, we spend about 400 calories for an hour of exercise. The benefit will be even greater if we practice regularly this activity. But it is not necessarily required to swim to burn calories because water has a natural pressure on the body and the simple act of moving in water leads to an energy expenditure. While this may seem hard to believe bathing in salt water makes you lose weight. Indeed, the body will deflate losing its water, because it always goes to the item that contains more salt. Moreover, bathe in cold water also helps to lose weight because the reaction of the cold forces the body to burn calories to regulate its temperature. It is estimated that you can lose 100 calories simply by the process of going back into the water.

What exercises to practice in the water?

Swimming is the best way to spend a significant number of calories, thanks to Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido and different exercises that will request all the body muscles. Breaststroke or crawl then act on the upper body by working the arms and musclant back and if we really want to spend a maximum of calories, it’s the backstroke will be most effective. Swimming with flippers leg muscles we do more work and calorie expenditure will be higher due to the resistance of the fins in the water. No swimming, can also exercise in the water practicing such a jog to work the leg muscles. Playing in water is also a simple and easy way to spend without realizing it. After the holidays, it will be also time to sign up for a water aerobics .

With all the activities performed in the water, the loss of calories will be real and the body is refined through fat loss and increased muscle mass. Furthermore, bathing allows you to relax and eliminate stress which also contributes to weight gain.

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Marcon Kitchen and Bath is in the business of meeting all your design challenges head on, navigating the labyrinth of your worries and coming out victorious in delivering a stunning finale.
Their well equipped showroom brings many state of the art and high quality products right at your fingertips, providing you with a rich tactile experience and experienced staff will explain any questions and concerns you may have.
The endless list of satisfied customers speaks for itself; Marcon has been helping their clients design their spaces for over twenty years and are partnered with exceptional construction and renovation companies. Their motto is to deliver the highest quality of products and to ensure your project is executed to the highest of standards resulting in client satisfaction.
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